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    Longan Charcoal

    • Color: Black
    • Diameter: 3cm - 10cm
    • Receptions: 10cm - 30 cm
    • Carbon content: 67.56%
    • Heat treatment: 7222 kcal/kg
    • Volatiles: 24.90%
    • Ash content: 4.65%
    • Time fire: 3h - 3.5h
    • Made in: Vietnam
    • Price: Contact


- Longan is tropical evergreen tree which produces edible fruit, can reach 10-15m in height, the trunk has thick bag, many small cracks which can be peeled off, wide and round crown. Longan wood is reddish brown or yellowish brown.
- In Vietnam, longan is a very common tree throughout the country. The trees with low economic value would be harvested for wood: big trunk could be used for crafting fine art, while smaller one was made into charcoal
- Longan charcoal is hard so very strong fire, high heat emission, long burning time and very high heat.
- Longan charcoal is a type of charcoal that is very popular among importing countries. Domestic restaurants are always trusted and used. 
- Longan Charcoal  are produced according to the most advanced boiler technology so it is very dry, there is no smoke, no smell, and is very flammable.